Reviewing Blunt tip cannulas

Reviewing Blunt tip cannulas

A cannula is a small thin tube that is inserted in the vein or other cavities in the body to deliver medicine, drain off fluid or insert a surgical tool. Meanwhile, a micro cannula or a blunt tip cannula is used exclusively in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. A blunt tip cannula is a small tube with an unsharpened and dulled edge and an extrusion port that is specially designed to cause minimal tissue surgery during sub-dermal injections of fluids or gels.

Blunt tip cannulas can be used for various cosmetic procedures such as the injection of cosmetic dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and so and so forth as well as for Liposuction (fat transfer). The purpose for which the blunt tip cannula can be used depends on its internal diameter.

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What are the various types of blunt tip cannulas on the market?

Since 2012, various types of blunt tip cannulas were approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the US for use in aesthetic medicine. These different types of blunt tip cannulas are: “Dermasculpt”, “Magic Needle”, “Softfil”, “TSK by Air-Tite”, and “Sculpt-face.” The difference between these different types of blunt tip cannulas depends on three things- the distance of the extrusion port from the tip, the sharpness of the edge, and the tractability of the tube. The closer the extrusion port is to the edge, the more precise is the blunt tip cannula, similarly a tapered dulled tip is easier to insert in the sub-dermal layer, meanwhile the tube should be flexible enough to maneuver around sensitive nerves and tissues in the body but rigid enough that the fluid or gel is precisely placed.

Since the edge of the blunt tip cannula is unsharpened, another “Pilot” or “Introducer” needle is required to pierce through the skin and the blunt tip cannula is threaded through the opening.

Why are blunt tip cannulas so popular?

Blunt tip cannulas have gained popularity in cosmetic medicine over the last few years. This is because the blunt tip cannulas are less painful, cause minimal swelling, pose a less risk of brushing and the risk of skin necrosis is also lowered. This is because the unsharpened edge of the blunt tip cannula ensures that the blood vessels and nerves are not sliced through during the procedure. Moreover, blunt tip cannulas are fairly safe to use for dermal fillers around the eye. The fear of using fillers around eye and the nose stems from the fact that microneedles could penetrate the blood vessels with the filler gel or fluid which would clog these vessels and cause skin death or even blindness. However, since blunt tip cannulas do not pierce through the blood vessels, they have made getting fillers around the eye much safer and easier.

Reference: Use of Blunt Tipped Cannulas for Soft Tissue Fillers

Overall, blunt tip cannulas are generally perceived to be safer than microneedles for use in cosmetic procedures.In general, blunt tip cannulas have revolutionized how doctors and surgeons are performing cosmetic surgery.

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