Popular skin rejuvenation techniques in 2016

Popular skin rejuvenation techniques in 2016

Cosmetic surgeries have become very popular these days. After researching, we got a small list of few popular surgeries that patients ask the most. In this article we will share few very surgeries along with their purposes and description.


FaceLift is also known as rhytidectomy. It is a surgical procedure to improve the complextion and radiance of skin that is near neck, nose and eyes or to me more precise, face. Facelift can be recommended by your skin specialist for sagging some portion of your face, to vanish deep creases in lower eyelids. It also can be used for eliminating deep creases along the nose extending to the corner of the mouth.

Normally people get skin problems on face areas due to stress. Overall, facelift has become a very popular surgery because of the growing rate of depression patients. It is also known as PDO thread lift. During PDO thread lift a surgeon uses cannulas which may result into some pain for patient. Pricing can be different for different countries and clinics.

Thread FaceLift

Thread Facelift is another form of facelifting but it is more convinient and lesser invasive to traditional facelifting surgeries. For those who get aging signs before the natural time, facelift is very effective especially minor facial sagging. Normally a thread facelift does not take more than 2 to 3 hours, sometimes dermatologists use anesthesia for the surgery.

In a facelift surgery, a surgeon inserts a thin thread into the face of the patient by using tiny incisions to the targeted area of the face. Later the surgeon pulls out the threads attach to the skin tissue to smooth the face. The patient may see some immediate effects after the surgery as the effected area is raised slightly thuse eliminates sagging and gives the patient’s skin a rejuvenated appearance.

The patient can stay completely conscious during the procedure, they will be asked by the surgeon that if they are completely fine with the thread lift effect while the surgery is going on. After approval of the patient, the surgeon knotts the threads and they become within the skin and scarring the results will be virtually invisible.

Face Massage with Cucumber

This might not sound very effective but believe me it is. Cucumber contains many rich sources of energy that repair your skin’s damaged cells. It also provide the vitamins and other natural minerals to the skin on which it is applied.

Cucumber also has great effects for skins that are damaged by sun heat. Because of facing direct heat of the sun,the skin loses its resources in shape of sweating and damages its cells.

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