How does the whole CoolSculpting procedure works?

How does the whole CoolSculpting procedure works?

What is it?

CoolSculpting has become a very famous during last several years and not like the other low class laser and some radiofrequency treatments that are intended to melt the fats this ne technology relies on freezing the fats and then the organic system trashes them naturally.

What happens?

To explain the procedure briefly we asked Dr. Addler Fedrick from to assist us in explaining the procedure. From now on, Dr Addler is taking the charge to explaining the process.

Dr. Addler Explains

Until now it has been done through vacuum sucking small pockets of fats from places like underarms, lower abdomen, inner things etc into few mouthpiece attached to a cryolipolysis machine which smoothly and safely turns out the bulge into a frozen steak. The process is simple and easy to understand, the process freezes fat cells causing them to die and then your body takes them out.

The process can take up to 2 months for your body to completely get rid of frozen fats which cause flab disappearance. One of the patients recently reported that he tried CoolSculpting on his tubbiest saddlebag and ended up with a flat dent on it. He said that;

“The mouthpiece was too small for an area that large and awkwardly shaped, and simply took a good bite out of it ”

On his complain the manufacturer company took notice and decided to launch a new applicator which will be specially designed for outer things. The new CoolSmooth will be attached with the size and roughly the shape like a small beach ball bat with adjustable curve position. It will not suck in the fats like the previous one but will actually lie on the top of it so that it can cover much greater area to treat at once. However, the procedure will then need at least two hours instead of the previous one. The procedure time increases because now the new applicator has new modifications and tissues are not surrounded by an ice pack like before.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is by itself very convenient and does not make any discomfort at all. You may feel a bit of sting initially because of the fats getting frozen. But gradually that feeling will go away and you will feel like nothing is present there. After the two hours of treatment the therapist will start massaging the area for a while.

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