Best Smart Phones apps for Beauty


Beauty is must in these days when you have people always watching your work and personality. But in today’s busy life people don’t have the time to give any attention to their personal life including beauty. What if we could always have a guide to maintain our beauty and infact increasing it? That would be great. So today we have some top-notch apps for your smart phones that will help you to stay beautiful and look handsome.

1 -Sephora to go

Even on a small screen of your phone you will enjoy a fantastic experience of shopping by using Sephora. You can check the product reviews, make your own collections, add items to your wishlist of favourite products and watch free tutorials which are for people like you who don’t know what to buy and what to not.

2 – Stash Beauty

Always keep an eye on your beauty supplies, Stash beauty does it for you by alerting you when you running out from the supply and even when your favourite product is on sale. Always keep your beauty budget is control by buying things on discounted prices when they are available. Connect this app with your instagram account to be able to buy what you want directly from your favourite beauty bloggers.

3 – SONGily

SONGily is not exactly a beauty app, but do you know what really hurts your beauty? It is the stress that you get in. According to a research, people who tend to take more stress have to face aging signs before normal people.

So the idea is to neglect stress and depression and for this purpose we have an excelent app for you. Just download SONGily on your device and start listening songs that make you feel better. This app allows you to listen songs from, however you need their membership to make use of this app.

4 – Beautylish

Beautylist is an app for those believe in sharing and taking advice. It is basically a large group of people on a forum who learn a new thing to enhance their beauty everyday from their fellow forum members.You can get any kind of info about make-up and beauty from secrets to make your skin fresh in next 24 hours to using eyeliner properly.

5 – L’Oreal Makeup Genius

If you want to try all the shades of L’Oreal lipsticks without going to any store or beauty shop to test, the try this app. This app first scans your face and then allows you to experiment all the looks and shades that you want. You even don’t need to put the make-up off or wash your face again and again.

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